Q. Why is Ryan so happy? A. He's just found out that tickets to our Workshop On How to Increase your Marketing ROI are selling out fast! 🌟 For more info on Our event @TheArtHouseUK as part of Wakefield Business week @Wakefieldfirst please contact us today on 0113 350 1290 #WBW https://t.co/KnB3gfzMof

Aww shucks! Thanks for the love @simonajrobinson @robinsonralphLS we loved working with you! Please check out https://t.co/8HoFIlljea the site is now live! https://t.co/9vtPx3GHsb

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Hey everyone, check out our recent site launch for the awesome @robinsonralphLS They are a pleasure to work with and we enjoyed every minute of this build! https://t.co/xaAxuBcjvu #employmentlaw #ukemplaw #HR https://t.co/5fEmj0TxdN

As part of Wakefield Business week we will be hosting a special workshop on how to create your own marketing strategy to increase your ROI at @TheArtHouseUK Seats are filling fast, so if you would like to book your place please contact the team on 0113 350 1290! #WFBW018 https://t.co/1eBXxiCxUD

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Our Managing Director Paul and Business Development manager @ryanfmc ,are at the Linnworks LinnAcademy event today in Birmingham. If you are there, come say hello! (we don't bite 😉) #LA2018 #linnacademy #linnworks #evetns #Birmingham https://t.co/2vWkeX8yGI

Our Designer & Developer Matt ready to give a talk on the importance of Adobe XD, and why it is the future of Design and UI interfaces. #team #adobe #xd #adobexd #design #designer #ui #ux #development #webdesign #websitedesign #technology #creativecloud #responsive #livingwall https://t.co/hOjTFCoE79

Apple, The First Trillion Dollar Company.

Aug 2018 | View Post

Its shares are now reportedly worth over $207. The worldwide success of Apple's iPhone X has boosted the value of the company allowing it to become the world's first trillion dollar company beating rivals Alphabet (Google's parent company),...

Is your company suffering from 'Tired Website Syndrome

Jun 2018 | View Post

If your internet sales are flagging and your website is over 2 years old it may be that you are indeed suffering from Tired Website Syndrome and your website may be in need of a total revamp. All successful businesses realise the need for regular...

iPhone's on recent versions of iOS11 have been unlocked, according to Cellebrite.

Mar 2018 | View Post

Many of us chose to buy an iPhone because the iPhone boasts a high level of security as standard. Indeed, any modern iPhone protected by a passcode was deemed secure as all data is encrypted and there are many security checks when such devices are...

Facebook takes over Confirm.IO to improve ID verification.

Jan 2018 | View Post

Facebook has just confirmed its takeover of Boston startup Confirm i.o. Confirm i.o. has recently developed an API aimed at helping organisations verify ID online. Organisations and businesses often need to verify online identities and Confirm i.o....

Snapchat allows you to look back on your 2017 in style.

Jan 2018 | View Post

Snapchat is allowing you to look back on your 2017 in some style. This feature will find favour with those users who like to reflect on past events and is a slight change of direction for a platform dedicated to a more immediate appeal. By simply...

WhatsApp Announces Brand New Way of Connecting Professionally for Businesses

Sep 2017 | View Post

WhatsApp, The messaging service that was bought out by Facebook for a staggering $19 Billion has recently announced the launch of a business tool that will help smaller businesses connect better to their customers, and will charge and monetise when...

LinkedIn launch exciting new Demographics feature.

Jul 2017 | View Post

LinkedIn, the professional networking site, have just announced the launch of their new Website Demographics tool which will enable businesses to monitor traffic to their websites. This tool is free for LinkedIn members and it is hoped that it will...

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Design is not an element of something else, it is how that 'something else' is perceived by the user.

Aug 2018 | View Post

From the humble fork to the most advanced spacecraft, everything we use has been designed. The art of good design is to ensure functionality whilst creating something which is aesthetically pleasing. Design models and creates patterns whilst...

'Instagram Lite' has now been launched.

Jun 2018 | View Post

Instagram have just launched 'Instagram Lite', which is aimed at finding new users abroad. This was done without any of the usual fanfares or prior warnings. It appears that Instagram has realised that any future expansion to its customer base will...

Maverick, the new social media network aimed at empowering young women.

May 2018 | View Post

At 6B, we like to keep our finger on the pulse of exciting developments within digital. One such development is a new app called Maverick which is aimed at inspiring and empowering young women. Maverick aims to help young women connect with...

Snapchat launches 'Snapstore'

Feb 2018 | View Post

Snapchat is launching a new e-commerce feature in the app called Snapstore, the idea being that customers will have accessed to privileged merchandise through the app for a limited period of time. Snapstore customers are already eagerly awaiting the...

6B are Hiring a Business Development Manager / Digital Marketing Sales Consultant

Jan 2018 | View Post

Good news! 6B are hiring a new Business Development Manager / Digital Marketing Sales Consultant. We are looking for an experienced, proffesional and industry driven individual to join our growing sales team! Here are a few things you should know...

You may soon be able follow hashtags on Instagram.

Nov 2017 | View Post

In an attempt to restore its more personalised feel, Instagram is currently trialing a hashtag feature amongst a small sample of its users. This new feature will enable users to select content according to their interests - not based on their...

What Are Social Platforms Doing In Regards To Hate Speech

Aug 2017 | View Post

When the Internet started out it was hailed as a great enabler. It allowed people from all walks of life, races, creeds and cultures to talk and debate. Freedom of speech was the mantra and the future looked exciting. However, Homo sapiens - with...

Facebook Hits 2 Billion Users

Jul 2017 | View Post

Facebook, it's hard to imagine life without it. Life is so much easier with an online directory to find out about your friends, family and significant figures of the world and also keep on top of everything thats going on around you... But a mere 13...

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