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When commissioning a digital solution, there's enough to think about without having to calculate whether to build it off-the-shelf or bespoke - so we've digested the pros to help you pick smarter:

From helping local communities reach those most in need, to making our national health care system more accessible, we take a look at what we've learnt from working with local and national government:

Availability, reliability, and maintainability lie at the heart of our approach to digital development and the subject of our agile dependability. Read more our about our development method here:

Need a user-friendly digital solution to maximise your team's productivity? Better understand your business with a headless CMS; designed by you, built by 6B:

What's .NET and is it right for me? We take a look at Microsoft's free, open source development platform in our new article: #developer #Microsoft #webdevelopment #webdesign

As the government begins to introduce looser lock down measurements, how ready is your business to reignite your search for new opportunities? With a long repertoire in digital marketing and SEO, 6B can support you as you open for business! #marketing

COVID-19 has surely been a difficult challenge for 6B as for many businesses around the country. So what's been important for us? ⭐️Furloughing staff & ensuring job security ⭐️Our office is vacant but remains open for business ⭐️Adapted our client & project management

What is brand identity is why is it important to my business? Read our 💥new article💥 on how to optimise your brand image! #branding #digitalmarketing

We listened, we designed and we developed. We're happy to announce that our new online Support Portal ( is now live! We designed this to enable you to easily notify the team of any issues you're having more accurately and without all the middle stuff.

A week ago, we were pleased to announce our partnership with @Kentico - check out our new Kentico services page on our site for more information about how we can build your digital solution on Kentico💥 #kenticocms #developingsolutions #digitalsolutions

💥New project alert💥 On April 1st, we revealed the new Somerset NHS Trust site (! Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our talented team of in-house experts, the launch was seamless and has already seen great success! #nhsengland #newsite

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