Experience Wakefield

Experience Wakefield is the official ‘what’s on’ for the Wakefield district. Operated by Wakefield Metropolitan District Council, the site presented an opportunity for local partners to develop new ways of working together across sectors to recognise the district's outstanding cultural and visitor offer.


6B had the pleasure of redeveloping the Experience Wakefield website to promote a consortium of cultural organisations, tourism providers and the wider business sector have come together to promote Wakefield.

Experience Wakefield

Events, Attractions and Things to Do

Wakefield Council wanted to promote the discovery of Wakefield's cultural and visitor offers by guiding users to listings pages for events, venues, attractions, etc., to ultimately support local businesses and increase tourism. The site had to support and boost marketing and communication efforts to have a wider reach and more compelling engagement conversion.

Most importantly, the site had to be entirely accessible, with a bold design that was appealing to a wide range of audiences. Following our research, we produced a series of wireframes, to ensure the website met mobile-first functionality requirements, whilst being visually-pleasing and loyal to brand guidelines.

To remain appealing, we decided to include a range of targeted content, other than just informative, to engage with key visitors; including, embedded videos, galleries and case studies.

To increase UX, we designed and developed an interactive map, using the Google Maps API. This is linked to the CMS, with pins to show where venues are located, and the ability to filter and hover over locations for quick-view details.

Experience Wakefield Gallery Image 3

Our Solution

We focused on the key specification of increasing site traffic and traffic conversion. To do this, we implemented a number of SEO friendly devices that wouldn’t inhibit the user’s journey.

This included a bespoke survey tool to enable the Council to create a simple poll and gather important information from the users that could be converted into activities and growth in the local area. Additionally, we embedded pop ups where appropriate, to relay relevant content and important information (upcoming events, for example), and to gather email/mobile contact details for marketing purposes.

Newsletter sign ups and social media integration was also important and we made sure that the management of this was made as simple as possible via an intuitive and non-tech savvy friendly design.

Ensuring suitable landing pages were integrated also proved instrumental in guaranteeing high SEO rank and 6B worked closely with the Council to create template pages that were dynamic and informative, with links and signposts to other relevant areas of the site.



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