Northern Lights

Transforming spaces through the beauty of bespoke lighting for three decades, Northern Lights craft custom commercial lighting and are the leading specialists in light steel fabrications and tailored fabric shades.

6B designed a new digital solution that was reflective of their core design principles and concurrent with their key audience. Northern Lights wanted a stylish and user-friendly site that enhanced user experience via a simple and bold interface.

The result was a simple site structure and design scheme to match their approach to planning, construction and installation.

Northern Lights

The Common Factor of Passion

During our research and discovery phase, it became clear that the Northern Lights team was unified on two principles, passion for design and collaboration with their client. As such, 6B took it upon ourselves to immerse ourselves in their world by researching the practices of Northern Lights diligently.

We then undertook user journey analysis to remap and refine the site structure based on key customer profiles.

We wanted to ensure that the user journey was as streamlined, narrowing down the number of clicks necessary to locate important information. To ensure Northern Lights brand was entirely congruous, we created prototype designs and walked key stakeholders through the proposed customer journey - this allowed Northern Lights to better understand how the Javascript transitions, layouts and animations would work to enhance the user experience.


Our Solution

Utilising a comprehensive research, scoping and development process, we developed an optimised web solution that enhanced the user journey at every point via intuitive design mechanisms, like video animations and glazed hover effects, to reflect the high-quality design process of the Northern Lights product.


We integrated custom sliding menu bars and infinity load features with instant filters that effectively guided the user through the site.

Lastly, it was imperative that the site be operable via a simple and easily edited CMS so that Northern Lights could independently manage their site and continually update their services and projects as they grow.



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