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What is an icon? Well, the dictionary definition describes an icon as a representative symbol. We are passionate about producing excellent design and we know a thing or two about designing icons:

  • Effective icons need to be simple - based on simple geometric shapes or letters. They also need to be easily recognisable, so simplicity and beauty of design are essential.
  • As with most designers we begin with a square pixel grid. This is because icons are often used as buttons on web pages so by designing within the grid the designer can ensure that the icon will easily fit the available space. The icon itself does not however need to be square. Using a grid system to design an icon within a frame can also help the designer to ensure that there is enough uncluttered space around the icon to allow it to stand out.
  • When designing an icon care must be taken not to over complicate the symbol. Icons need to be instantly recognisable even when they are reproduced in the smallest of spaces. The most successful icons will immediately identify a brand as with the Facebook F or the McDonalds' M.  An effective icon will provide brand reinforcement by giving the customer an instantly recognisable symbol to relate to. Indeed, a well designed icon will delight customers and encourage them to click which is, after all, the main aim for most companies.
  • As for colour - once again we recommend simplicity. Our designers start by designing in monochrome black and white, only adding colour nearer the end of the design process. Over complicating the colour palette can easily detract from the impact of an icon.  

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