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In short, Design should be simple, to the point, and it should be an experience. This is heavily influenced by placement of content. Content management is subconciously at the forefront of every good designers brain, and we are always thinking about the way a user will percieve the important selling points of information.

"Good content can carry a bad UI, but no UI can carry bad content"

Content management systems are playing a huge part in keeping the structure of a website correct and making sure even the most novice of web users can easily update their content without having to worry about mucking things up. However content is a make or break selling point and we shouldn't restrict the writer from being creative and independant. After all, the content writer is just as much of a designer of the website as the person who initially designed it.

Us creative tech geeks know a lot about how to structure your vision, but we do not know nearly as much as the client when it comes to the aim of the design. In most cases, you are not hiring an agency to build your website for you, you are hiring an agency to couple their skills and expertise with your vision and goal, in order to create a genuinely enjoyable experience for both the user and the admin.

Web design in its infancy was like having a favourite car as a kid, wanting the one with the biggest spoiler and the flames down the side, all bells and whistles. As web design has matured, we have realised that we need to be more practical with our choice and pick the one with the highest MPG and the smoothest drive, in lehman's terms, something that does the job most effectively. In the 90s and 00s we we're in the mind set of the busier the better, now we have learned that people react more to clear, informative and engaging content that has a clear end game.

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