Design is not an element of something else, it is how that 'something else' is perceived by the user.

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From the humble fork to the most advanced spacecraft, everything we use has been designed. The art of good design is to ensure functionality whilst creating something which is aesthetically pleasing. Design models and creates patterns whilst ensuring that the product is practical and appropriate to the task. Indeed, excellent design is innovative and constructive, often synthesising ideas and patterns which would not normally go together. Design uses tools to solve problems - thus bridging the gap between the human and the artificial world.

As technology improves, it is clear that design will become ever more important as great design has the ability to facilitate the interface between man and machine. 

Many educationalists argue that Design should be regarded as a discipline in its own right, distinct from the Arts and the Sciences. Whereas scientists analyse and use problem-solving methodology designers are solution-focused. Artists, on the other hand, aim to explore and express human emotions and experiences whereas designers work towards a goal - endeavouring to solve human problems through the medium of design.

To conclude, Design is not something that is a part of Art, or a part of Engineering, or a part of Science. It is the focal point of how things are functional and how things are percieved as a brand, product or company. In reality, Design is a lot more than just how things look, it shapes everything around us, and its purpose is to make the consumer do the job easier or come to a definitive conclusion.

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