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At 6B, we know a thing or two about Web Design. We have a strong team of designers and developers who specialists in the design and construction of bespoke websites. One part of the job that we really enjoy is having the branding side of the operation.

A successful logo should be the visual embodiment of a company's brand. It should effortlessly amalgamate the name of the company with a suggestion as to its area of expertise. A successful logo is a great way to reinforce a brand's identity and purpose.

Whilst traditionally the logo has been used on websites as a "home" button, designers need to realise that it can be used as a link to any page. Indeed, clever developers are realising that the logo can take traffic to any page required in order to achieve a better conversion rate for the website. It is almost becoming a trend, and Designers love trends!

In conclusion, whilst it is good to be innovative and try out new ideas when designing a website there is a caveat- it is great to surprise customers but care should be taken not to perplex them. Designers and developers should always aim to monitor the effect any changes have on a website's success rate. Only then will they know if their innovations are paying off.

6B are proud to be a stylish company based in the north of England. We design websites from smaller two page sites right through to much larger Ecommerce websites and offer unique and innovative digital solutions. We can also help businesses to develop their overall digital strategies. We offer many services including: Database Development, CRM Systems, App Development and Graphic Design.

Whatever your digital needs please feel free to contact 6B on 0113 350 1290 or email us at and we will be very happy to help.

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