Facebook clones Snapchat with introduction of their own 'Stories'

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Facebook have made a marketing move to jump on the Snapchat bandwagon with its new offering - Facebook Stories. At the present moment this option is only available to customers in Ireland who use Android or IOS devices, however it is expected to be rolled out to customers in other countries in the not too distant future. Instagram introduced the same thing a few months back, and with it being very visual and stylish platform, many users were enticed into trying the new feature.

Now it's Facebook's turn and Stories will allow its users to share photos and videos using the traditional circular menu that is used within Snapchat and Instagram which will automatically appear above its feed in the main app. Echoing the Snapchat format, these slideshows will only be available to watch for 24 hours. Facebook has reacted to the well performing trend amongst its customers to share more visual content.

It is widely expected that Facebook's actions could hamper Snapchat's proposed expansion into the international market from its solid customer base in America. Facebook is gambling on the fact that customers will prefer to stay with a format they already know so will be less likely to switch to Snapchat. Indeed, judging by the success enjoyed by Instagram - attracting 150 million users in just 5 months - they may be on to a winning formula.

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