Facebook takes over Confirm.IO to improve ID verification.

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Facebook has just confirmed its takeover of Boston startup Confirm i.o. Confirm i.o. has recently developed an API aimed at helping organisations verify ID online. Organisations and businesses often need to verify online identities and Confirm i.o. can help businesses check the authenticity of any government issued ID such as passports and driving licenses. It is hoped that this new technology will help Facebook users get back into their accounts after being locked out. It should help users whose accounts have been hacked or those who have simply forgotten their passwords.

Confirm i.o. launched 3 years ago after having raised €4 million from investors. The new technology it has developed uses mobile biometrics and facial recognition to facilitate enhanced ID security checks. Facebook already allows users to upload photo IDs to help them reestablish access to their accounts and this new technology should help to improve and facilitate this process.

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