Getting the most out of Photoshop as a Web Designer

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At 6B Digital - as a successful Web Design business in the Yorkshire area - we use Photoshop on a daily basis to help create aesthetically pleasing websites for our customers. Here are a few helpful hints on how to use Photoshop to its full potential.

Firstly - as in many things - organisation is key. It is essential to keep your files well organised. This can be achieved quite easily by using a consistent folder structure. Always remember to save at least two versions of your work to refer back to if necessary and remember to use versioning - add a date or a number to help you keep track of which is the most recent version. It is really important to organise your content into folders which can be colour coded to help when you are tackling more complicated designs.

Using the CC Libraries function can really help to facilitate the design process and it is great if you want to work as a team on a particular project as it enables collaborative working.

Another tip which will help, especially when it comes to tackling more complex designs, is to create a style guide and don't stray from it. The more complex the design, the more important it is to be consistent in your styling. Your style guide can be used with the CC Libraries function making it easier to stay consistent. It becomes harder for new designers to join projects and keep designs consistent if new styles are continually being created.

At 6B Digital we have come to realise that it is not always necessary to reinvent the wheel. Taking advantage of existing frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation or even Google's Materialize can seriously help to speed up your editing.

Another time-saving trick is to memorise all the keyboard shortcuts you use most frequently and remember to save files on a frequent basis to avoid work being lost if a crash should occur.

When saving images or vectors it is wise to keep them in smart object format. This will make ongoing editing much easier if the PSD has the full resolution image. Vectors are also much easier to alter when they are saved as smart objects as opposed to rasterized graphics.

Lastly, here at 6B Digital, we have found that our best website designs are achieved when we collaborate with colleagues. Indeed, it is often a good idea to meet with your developer before you even begin a design project. Collaboration helps the free flow of ideas often leading to more interesting or exciting results.

6B Digital hope that this blog has been helpful and remember that whatever digital service you require from simple websites to full bespoke Ecommerce websites 6B Digital have the solution for you. 

We also supply bespokes databases, app development, graphic design services and much, much more. For more information about the extensive digital services we offer please contact us on 0113 350 1290 or by email at and we will be very happy to help. Our team at 6B Digital use their expertise to get your company noticed on the Internet. 

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