Hands On With Google Cardboard

Posted on Mar 2014 by 6B Admin | Go Back

Fancy getting yourself a virtual reality headset but not sure which one? It's a bit early to actually buy one right now: most headsets, like the Oculus Rift, are developer's kits that cost a pretty penny. Others, like the Samsung Gear VR, don't have enough content and are pricey, too.

But there's one headset out there that is easily the most accessible, and also an arguably fun DIY project: Google Cardboard.

Because all you're paying for is cardboard, a couple of lenses and maybe tape or velcro, the device barely makes a dent in your wallet. Google isn't selling kits anymore, but you can pick one up online for £3 or less from a variety of vendors. You can even download instructions to make your headset entirely from scratch.

Cardboard isn't for die-hard fans of VR. If you want to simply show people what the fuss is all about with virtual reality, Google provides a viable solution in the form of a cheap and portable product.

We found google cardboard to offer a surprisingly immersive experience for the price, definitely worth checking out.

Have you got a project in mind?

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