'Instagram Lite' has now been launched.

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Instagram have just launched 'Instagram Lite', which is aimed at finding new users abroad. This was done without any of the usual fanfares or prior warnings. It appears that Instagram has realised that any future expansion to its customer base will come from the developing world, where network connections can be poor and users tend to have older phones, so this app is specifically targeted at this emerging market.

Instagram Lite takes just 573 kilobytes so it is small, quick to download and uses much less data which makes it ideal for users from the developing world. It allows users to post photos, watch Stories and browse the Explore page although at present users are unable to Direct message friends or share videos.

It is apparent that Instagram is following a trend amongst internet companies to introduce Lite versions such as Facebook Lite and Messanger Lite. The cab company Uber has even launched its own Lite version of its app not surprisingly entitled Uber Lite.  Indeed, many industry insiders are expecting Snapchat to follow this trend in the not too distant future. It will not have escaped the notice of many that since Facebook Lite launched in 2015 it took only two years for it to reach the staggering total of 200 million users. 

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