iPhone's on recent versions of iOS11 have been unlocked, according to Cellebrite.

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Many of us chose to buy an iPhone because the iPhone boasts a high level of security as standard. Indeed, any modern iPhone protected by a passcode was deemed secure as all data is encrypted and there are many security checks when such devices are accessed.

However, there are many firms across the globe who are currently trying to access information stored in iPhones. This is a very lucrative business as companies can be paid huge sums by governments and intelligence services to access data stored in iPhones. Companies try to make use of any vulnerabilities in the operating systems of iPhones and other Android devices to gain access to this data. This information is not only useful to security services but can also be used by criminals. 
According to a recent Forbes Report, an Israeli-based company called Cellebrite has managed to unlock iPhones running on IOS 11. Cellebrite sells mobile forensics tools which are used to access data from locked devices. 

Companies such as Cellebrite are continually trying to exploit any weaknesses in Apple's operating systems whilst at the same time Apple will be working hard to ensure that its devices remain impenetrable to governmental surveillance as well as the criminal fraternity.

One thing is clear - it is vitally important to update all your devices to the very latest operating systems as they are rolled out. This will not only give you the latest security patches to protect you against hackers, but will also give you access to many new features. 

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