Maverick, the new social media network aimed at empowering young women.

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At 6B, we like to keep our finger on the pulse of exciting developments within digital. One such development is a new app called Maverick which is aimed at inspiring and empowering young women.

Maverick aims to help young women connect with successful female mentors in a safe online environment. Its co-founders Brooke Chaffin and Catherine Connors felt that as young girls reach adolescence they become less and less likely to push themselves forward, especially in school. Brooke and Catherine wanted to create a platform which would inspire young women. Maverick is aimed at girls and women between the ages of 10 and 20.

The idea is that once a woman has signed up to become a Maverick she can attempt a challenge set up by one of the role models (Catalysts). Challenges can be anything from creating your own dance to designing your own super hero. The Maverick then posts a picture or short video of her attempt which is then rated, not by the usual 'likes', but by constructive comments or by the awarding of a badge. At present there are 4 badges to choose from - unique, creative, unstoppable or daring - but more are planned. It is hoped that young Mavericks will go on to become the Catalysts (mentors) of the future.

At present Maverick is a free app but in future subscriptions could be charged for access to premium features as with LinkedIn. With €2.7 million of funding already in place Maverick looks set to become the next big thing.

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