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6B are a digital company, meaning we are always looking for opportunities to share our insights on the digital sector, Sarah represented us in the very first Digital Ilkley Event earlier this month, Sharing 6B's approach to modern technology, how we adapt to a very diverse area of work, and how we should be encouraged to use technology to our advantage.

Hosted by Stuart Hyde, Sarah was a guest panelist at the event and interacted with fellow panelists to create a very beneficial discussion to all involved. Want to know more about Digital Ilkley? See here:

Stuart also sent us a formal thank you, which was very kind of him:

"Dear Sarah,

I wanted to formally thank you for your participation in Digital Ilkley.

Whilst this was our first attempt at this ambitious event we were extremley pleased with the outcome, especially the participation of local people old and young and the enthusiasm from all involved.

Your contrubution was very much appreciated and has inspired a range of people amongst the secondary schools.

We all enjoyed the open and honest discussion and the very professional way you engaged in the panel.

We learnt a considerable amount from this first, and ambitious, event that will help us in the future, and your involvement made this all possible.

Many thanks for your help and involvement in Digital ilkley, we hope that you enjoyed the experience and would welcome any feedback on the whole process and the event."

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