SEO vs PPC, Who wins?

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There are two main options for small businesses wishing to promote their activities online - Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) and Pay-per-Click(PPC). Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages. PPC uses host websites featuring pop up adverts which are only paid for when clicked on by potential customers. SEO involves traffic being directed straight to a company's website when a customer initiates a search using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. SEO maximises website traffic by ensuring that the site appears near the top of the list of search results. Most searches never reach page 2 so it is essential that the SEO secures a high position.

PPC- advantages

. PPC allows businesses to keep total control of keywords and content. 
. PPC is not affected by algorithm updates.
. The PPC option offers brand dominance.
. This option offers more immediate results.
.  Small businesses are able to target customers within a specific area - ideal for businesses wishing to appeal to local customers.

PPC - disadvantages

. This option can prove to be expensive.
. Needs ongoing testing by experienced staff (firms often employ an experienced digital agency such as 6B Digital to monitor their PPC activities).
. Needs constant optimisation in order to achieve results.

SEO- advantages

. Customers tend to have more faith in a website they have searched for themselves as opposed to clicking on an advert.
. Return on Investment (ROI) tends to be higher.
. A top quality SEO such as provided by 6B Digital can ensure that your website maintains a top position on a variety of search engines.

 SEO - disadvantages

. It can take time for positive results to become noticeable.
. There is fierce competition for the top spot (often from large companies) as no one wants to be on page 2 of a Google search.
. Algorithm updates can cause ratings to fall - it is important to use the skills of an experienced digital company such as 6B Digital to ensure that your SEO fully utilises content marketing and social media platforms to help build traffic.

In conclusion PPC marketing offers a more immediate return but is more expensive in the long term whereas SEO marketing takes longer to establish but offers a more solid return on investment in the long run. Using a combination of the two is also an option however companies would need to decide on their priorities and consider how much funding is available. Whatever option you choose you can be assured that if you choose 6B Digital to manage your digital profile you will not be disappointed. 6B Digital is a young, vibrant digital company based in Ossett, West Yorkshire. As last year's winner of the Wakefield area 'Young Business of the Year', 6B Digital is fully aware of the challenges facing small businesses. At 6B Digital we are passionate about helping small businesses set up their internet profiles.

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