Snapchat launches 'Snapstore'

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Snapchat is launching a new e-commerce feature in the app called Snapstore, the idea being that customers will have accessed to privileged merchandise through the app for a limited period of time. Snapstore customers are already eagerly awaiting the next new product drop which is due on the 8th February.

Snapchat are essentially selling Snapchat branded items through Snapstore and although Snapstore isn't really expected to make any serious money it should give Snapchat plenty of free publicity as customers wear their branded items.
The amazing possibilities for in-app Ecommerce are clear. At present, buying using your mobile can be frustrating with slow loading websites and problems making payments common difficulties experienced by customers. With Snapstore you can have the option to save payment details to make future shopping easier and quicker. This new development is expected to appeal to a younger audience who now expect to be able to use their mobiles to shop online.

Here at 6B Digital we are proud to build bespoke websites and Ecommerce websites which actually work to make the buying experience for your customers a pleasurable, secure and straightforward process. We also develop apps so the idea of in-app Ecommerce is a very exciting development in our rapidly changing industry.

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