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New digital trends are signalling an exciting time for online technology. It is now 25 years since the World Wide Web was launched and up to now most online technology has been focused on the aquisition of information and the storage of this information. New developments look set to end this information based era and herald a new era which will be more experience based. 

One example of this is Facebook. Facebook is a product of the Information Age whereby users build up digital profiles based on saved information. Indeed, the Facebook status box is a true icon of the Information Age. Its feedback mechanism underlines its information first approach relying on 6 pre-selected reactions.

Snapchat is an example of how the Information Age has morphed into the Experience Age. Snapchat starts with the visual and its feedback is passive - you have to swipe up your story to reveal who watched it. 
In the new Experience Age you are not a saved profile - you exist in real time. The Experience Age is all about immediate visual input and feedback is based on attention.

The Experience Age has been driven by the advent of new technology such as micro computers, mobile sensors and high speed connectivity allowing users to benefit from  more immediacy in their online interactions.
We are now entering an exciting new era - a new golden age for technology. Indeed, Facebook are already investing in products which will bring live video, 360 degree cameras and VR into a single profile. Google and Alibaba are also embracing the new generation of experience-driven products with their multimillion pound investment in Magic Leap.

At 6B Digital we are very excited to be a rapidly expanding digital company present at the dawn of a new technological explosion. As a young, vibrant digital company, proud to have been awarded the Young Business of the Year Award at the Wakefield Business Awards 2015, we are well aware of the exciting opportunities presented by this new era of experience-driven technology. At 6B Digital we expect tomorrow's products to be ever more immersive. As our online and offline identities converge 6B Digital are ready to help our customers harness this new technology.

At 6B Digital we provide bespoke websites and Dashboard systems for businesses and we are looking forward to using the new platforms currently in development to help our customers reach their clients more quickly and efficiently.

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