WhatsApp Announces Brand New Way of Connecting Professionally for Businesses

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WhatsApp, The messaging service that was bought out by Facebook for a staggering $19 Billion has recently announced the launch of a business tool that will help smaller businesses connect better to their customers, and will charge and monetise when it comes to larger enterprises.

As far as common knowledge goes they seem to be bringing out seperate versions of the app for enterprises and small agencies, meaning functionality may be limited for the latter. However, Whatsapp's intentions seem to be unsure, as the COO of the company, Matt Idema told Wall Street Journal:

"We do not intend on charging businesses in the future, we don't have the details of monetisation figured out."

Could this mean that it will be free for everyone to use professionally soon after launch? How will it compete with industry giants like LinkedIn and will there be any form of synchronisation with Facebook and business accounts? A lot of questions that will surely be answered in due time.

There has been a lot of talk about nuisance calls and texts recently, meaning questions arise on if this app could be an enabling factor in businesses sending spam emails, phone calls and texts to unsuspecting and unwilling customers. However, WhatsApp have addressed this potential issue, stating that "Businesses will only be able to contact people who have provided their phone number and who have agreed to be contacted by the business over WhatsApp". This should be a very beneficial feature on the customers end.

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