Wireless Charging on iPhone 8?

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Apple are known for their innovative and unorthodox approach to their products, the most recent generation of Macbook is so thin it does not have a USB port, the release of the iPhone 7 in September last year saw the farewell of the somewhat missed audio jack, a marketing move to push the retail of the wireless earphones.

Now Apple are pushing the limits of evolving technology again, this time by possibly getting rid of the charger port and opting for wireless charging, and with Apple chargers being notoriously easy to break, We cannot say we are not excited for this!

In September, Apple could be producing three different models of the iPhone 8, catering to people who want to spend that extra bit of cheese on the fastest, thinnest and most innovative iPhone yet. It is not yet understood if all models of the new iPhone will have the wireless charging feature, but we are still waiting on news to trickle in.

What other features could be next on the next generation of the iPhone? Apple are pretty good at keeping these sort of things hidden from public view, so who knows the countless things that could change about the iPhone 8 in September 2017!

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