Security And Data Leeds

Cyber security services Leeds and security and data Leeds. 6B are an ISO27001 certified development company and as such we have policies and procedures to ensure our development is secure, high quality and thoroughly tested.

We have experience processing highly sensitive data sets including bank details, insurance data and medical data and as such we can perform cyber security audits on your existing software and applications.

Cyber Security Company Leeds

Are you looking for a security and data specialist agency in Leeds? Ready to try a new security and data partner that specialise in high security system development and monitoring? From data migrations to data cleaning and monitoring services, 6B offer a range of security and data services to push your brand forwards and grow your business.

Sleep easy with our IS027001 certified support

We’re a data-led digital agency working with leading brands across many sectors managing data and systems. We assist our clients in meeting regulatory obligations in data security through system and database development and monitoring. 6B are IS027001 certified and provide peace of mind through a range of proven specialist data management and security solutions, using systems to protect businesses from data problems, cyber threats, and business outages.

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Experienced data team

Our data teams have extensive experience in data migration, master data management and control of complex data sets in production and test environments. We can provide your organisation with stress-free data management. We proactively monitor demand forecasts, identifying high demand peaks where availability of resources will be exceeded and establishing contingency plans to minimise any negative impact on business objectives.

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You can be sure that our security consultants will provide you with the expertise and knowledge to improve your organisation’s short- and long-term data management and security objectives. 6B have extensive knowledge in many industries where data security is highly regulated including insurance, healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical.

Why choose 6B for data and security?

  • ISO27001 certified development company for over 2 years, we manage our ISO27001 policies and procedures internally so our team have a full understanding of security responsibilities
  • We are expereinced in processing sensitive data sets such as patient data, bank details and insurance data
  • We have an established test driven development (TDD) and quality assurance processes
  • We work in partnership with the best specialised security consultants in the UK for CREST penetration testing and advanced security services

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Security And Data Leeds

Robust & Secure

The Security And Data Leeds team at 6B have experience working across different sectors, producing a range of complex and secure process-driven bespoke applications and websites.

With experience in enterprise CRM solutions, large-scale web applications and secure medical platforms, we have the ability to design and develop tailored solutions.

Flexible & Scalable

Using our unique modular development approach we ensure that each release of your development can be quickly scaled up and adapted without losing quality and where possible without requiring new development.

We have developed many applications to handle business critical services running 24/7/365 for over 7 years now.

Integrated Technology

We are specialists in integrating with many applications including medical and healthcare applications, financial, CRM, ERP, payment gateways, accounting, social media and email marketing with specific examples including: Microsoft, Sage, Xero, Stripe, Twilio and Open Maps. We are experts at integrating with online service providers, third party software and legacy systems.

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