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SEO Audits Leeds by 6B Digital. Struggling to achieve results with your SEO and not sure what’s wrong? Ready to try a new SEO agency Leeds passionate about delivering first position rankings and the best SEO audits Leeds? Get a FREE SEO Audit for your website to drive sustainable organic traffic, leads and sales through technical SEO, website optimization, link building and much more.

Our SEO audits go beyond a typical automated audit, we take the time to 'go deep' into your business, your customers and your objectives to get a full understanding of your existing business and SEO strategy. Our SSEO audits Leeds cover all major SEO aspects of your website including technical SEO issues, website structure issues, on-page SEO issues, potential off-site problems, user experience issues, content gaps and opportunities and competitive marketplace insights.

SEO Agency Leeds

6B are SEO specialists Leeds and we have helped hundreds of businesses in Leeds, Bradford, York, Harrogate, Ilkley and othre locations in Yorkshire achieve number one rankings through SEO audits Leeds and advanced technical SEO techniques.


SEO audits to drive traffic, conversions and sales

Struggling to achieve results with your SEO and not sure what’s wrong? By conducting a thorough SEO audit of your website, we will provide you with an honest assessment of why your site isn’t performing as well as it could; covering technical, on-site and off-site factors.

Focusing on your business, your customers and your goals we will guide you on what to fix to improve search rankings, increase high-value website visitors and drive more sales. There is no obligation as a result of the audit and if required the skilled team at 6B are ready to action a monthly SEO strategy for lasting success.

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Customer-focused SEO

At 6B we believe a successful SEO strategy needs to be customer-focused. Our team's approach is both technical and analytical and considers more than basic SEO - through technical SEO, content marketing, user experience and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) we offer practical and customer-focused return on investment in our SEO strategies for clients.

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We adapt our analysis to cater to your industry and competition, we will assess your website’s performance across a series of factors that determine success in organic search including; technical, content, backlinks, competitors, site speed and historical issues.

With any SEO audit our ultimate goal is to provide you with a detailed overview of what’s needed to improve your site’s search potential. We pride ourselves on both the depth and breadth of our SEO audits Leeds so rest assured each component of your SEO audit will be reported in extensive detail, explaining the issues identified, how they can affect your SEO, site health or user experience; and how we recommend remedying the problem. 

On Site Audits

An On Site audit from 6B is an in-depth review of your site’s code and hosting environment to highlight any issues which may prevent search engines from accessing or interpreting your site correctly. An On Site Audit will include a site speed analysis, research into any historical issues, and a full and detailed content review to identify improvements to pages suffering from duplication, thin copy, poor optimisation or targeting issues.

Off Site Audits

An Off Site Audit is a detailed review of your backlink profile to identify domains that are passing value to yours - and highlights links that could be hampering your efforts with guidance on removing them. As part of an Off Site Audit, we’ll also review your social media marketing, PR and thoroughly audit your biggest competitors in search, providing you with ways to win.

Why choose 6B for SEO audits?

  • We have helped hundreds of companies with SEO and we have a successful track record at ranking big brands for competitive search terms
  • We believe SEO audits should comprehensive, they should cover both structural and content and they should provide a 'big picture' view of what is happening. We will cover; technical analysis, on-page analysis, off-page analysis, competitive analysis and keyword research
  • We ensure every detail in our SEO audits Leeds are actionable, we will provide you with a clear path to completion; prioritized with projected impact and effort associated with each recommendation

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SEO Audits Leeds

Measurable results

We have worked with big brands and ambitious businesses in eCommerce, healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical, property, automotive, legal, media and tv, sport, insurance and more benefit from our digital marketing strategies.

Data-driven approach

We ensure we gain a deep understanding in to your customer journey, market conditions and customer insight in order to build a lean and agile marketing strategy utilising the best channels to meet your goals.

Continuous testing

We are focused on delivering quality and quantity web traffic and so we are experts in making your investment go as far as it can – our SEO Audits Leeds teams believe in continuous testing and refinement for maximum results.

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