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SEO Leeds by 6B. We provide SEO services in Leeds, we grow your business, smash your sales targets and push you to the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Whether you are looking for an SEO company Leeds or SEO agency Yorkshire, we can help. We have offices in Leeds and London. Contact us for your free SEO audit Leeds today.

We offer a wide range of search engine optimisation Leeds services including: building backlinks, keyword research, content optimisation, on-page optimisation, implement local seo, optimise for mobile & speed.

SEO Agency Leeds

As a leading SEO Company Leeds we know the impact good SEO can have on your business. SEO is an essential part of your business online, our SEO services Leeds guarantees higher sales and raised awareness of your services. Our SEO strategies Leeds can help your business get the recognition it deserves. Our SEO agency Leeds will help you rank number one in popular searches, direct organic traffic to your business through optimised content to increase traffic and get more sales.

Looking for SEO services Leeds? Ready to try a new SEO agency Leeds that are passionate about delivering first position rankings and beating your competition? From link building Leeds and technical SEO Leeds to market research and SEO keyword strategy Leeds, 6B offer a range of SEO services Leeds to push your brand forwards and grow your business.

SEO services to drive traffic, conversions and sales

6B offer specialised SEO Leeds services including: Off-Site SEO & Link Earning, On-Site & Technical SEO, Google Penalty Removal, Mobile SEO, eCommerce SEO, Schema & Structured Data, Local SEO, Multilingual SEO, Creative SEO, Voice SEO, Keyword & Market Research and more. We combine these specialisms into an effective SEO strategy that drives visibility, traffic and conversions in order to achieve financially-significant search engine rankings. 6B’s data-driven approach to SEO has been keeping our clients ahead of the curve and top of the SERPS.

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Customer-focused SEO

At 6B we believe a successful SEO Leeds strategy needs to be customer-focused. Our team's approach is both technical and analytical and considers more than basic SEO - through technical SEO, content marketing, user experience and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) we offer practical and customer-focused return on investment in our SEO strategies for clients.

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The SEO Leeds team at 6B measures success in search engine rankings, visibility across web and social and importantly qualified traffic, conversions and sales. At 6B we deliver SEO strategies that are unambiguous and deliver on clear and focused goals. From SEO audits, competitor SEO analysis, LSI keyword planning and building in E-A-T factor to protecting a well established SEO strategy or taking your first steps in SEO and initial keyword research 6B’s SEO team is here to help.

Why choose 6B for search engine optimisation?

SEO can be seen as a dark art. At 6B we operate a fully transparent and collaborative approach to SEO, we make sure you are in the picture on what we are doing, why we are doing it and what results we are getting.

  • Highly experienced and professional in-house SEO Leeds team consisting of SEO content experts and technical SEO professionals
  • Experienced in delivering winning SEO strategies and getting brands to the top of SERPs for competive search terms
  • As a SEO agency Leeds, we combine big and bold content marketing strategies with industrial-strength technical SEO expertise to deliver more value

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SEO Leeds

With any SEO campaign we follow a robust SEO process from research through to technical, content, creative, link building and reporting.

Research - To create the most effective search engine optimisation campaign, we first run an in-depth SEO audit with both automated and manual reports. From the audit we will identify keywords and key phrases (along with search volume) to begin to outline keyword strategy, potential search audience and the overall SEO strategy. During research we will compare the current site statistics (such as number of links, amount of pages indexed, domain authority) to your competition - we will research both the competitors that rank well for the keywords that you wish to rank for, and the competitors that you compete with in other sales channels. No matter if you want us to run an SEO campaign in Leeds, the north west, or the UK, our research will ensure we have a great starting strategy and foundation for ongoing SEO work.

Technical - Improving how a website is crawled by Google and how fast it loads is at the heart of technical SEO, or 'on-site optimisation' work. Technical SEO is crucial to the success of a website and a few Javascript, HTML or metadata changes on a page can have a dramatic effect on how Google robots are able to understand what the theme of a web page really is. Throughout technical SEO improvements our SEO Leeds team ensure that all online ranking factors are fixed including; fixing broken links, mobile responsiveness, conversion tracking, local SEO factors, pages indexing and carwlability issues, and inbound links.

Content - There is no doubt that content is king when it comes to winning in Google SERPs. Pages with good quality content which is interlinked with various key pages in the site are much more likely to rank well, to be linked to, and shared on social media platforms. A considered ongoing content marketing strategy is essential for any effective SEO campaign.

Links - Good quality links via a considered digital PR process will have an impact on your website SEO. In addition to link generation we consider citations as part of your wholesome link building campaign, 'Name, Address, Phone' (NAP) consistency and brand mentions are an ever-increasing important Google ranking factor (and the same applies on search engines like Bing and DuckDuckGo).

Reporting - We have an efficient and effective process for managing and reporting on our SEO work with you. Our SEO Leeds agency team capture every action, and how long it has taken - clients are able to see, to the minute, what we have done and what we are doing next. This extreme transparency along with automated and manual SEO reports give you a clear overview on the performance of your SEO campaigns.

SEO is an essential component of your digital marketing strategy. Without well targeted and optimised web pages, it is increasingly difficult to get your business the attention it deserves online. Our SEO Leeds services ensures more awareness, more traffic, more conversions and more sales for your business.

We can help your business get the recognition it deserves. Our SEO agency Leeds will help you rank high for popular search terms and push organic traffic to your business through optimised content to increase sales. If you are looking for SEO Leeds services contact 6B today.

Measurable results

We have worked with big brands and ambitious businesses in eCommerce, healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical, property, automotive, legal, media and tv, sport, insurance and more benefit from our digital marketing strategies.

Data-driven approach

We ensure we gain a deep understanding in to your customer journey, market conditions and customer insight in order to build a lean and agile marketing strategy utilising the best channels to meet your goals.

Continuous testing

We are focused on delivering quality and quantity web traffic and so we are experts in making your investment go as far as it can – our SEO Leeds teams believe in continuous testing and refinement for maximum results.


SEO is great for both B2B and B2C businesses. Put simply - if your target audience is searching for questions and phrases related to your products or services, SEO is a worthwhile investment.

The best SEO strategy for your business really depends on your current SEO position, objectives, competition and budget.

For example, a local SEO campaign to establish a business as a local authority for several services vs a national SEO campaign will require a different strategy and different levels of work to achieve results.

We have refined specific strategies for different types of websites and objectives which follow 'best-practice' methodologies, use ethical SEO practices that deliver measurable and sustainable results.

Google updates their search algorithm daily and much of the algorithm is AI meaning it is constantly learning and improving.

Core algorithm updates however are released more infrequently and these can have a very noticeable impact on the criteria required to rank highly in the search results. It is our job to stay on the cutting-edge of Google's algorithm updates and ensure we are optimising each of our clients' websites in accordance with the latest rules and criteria

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we encounter from new and prospective clients. Frustratingly, however, there is no fixed answer here.

There are hundreds of variables in-play on your website, and even more variables when you factor in everyone else's domains out there on the internet.

If you're entering a highly-competitive niche with a brand new domain, the time and labour investment required to bring about 1st-page rankings for your highest value keywords are guaranteed to be significant compared to SEO on a new and highly targeted niche service or product offering.

Both SEO and PPC are powerful search engine marketing strategies and each are suited to a particular kind of client, based on their budget, products and services, objectives and more.

PPC is often better suited to clients in need of instant visibility; a paid search campaign can be set up and activated quickly with rankings and sales almost instantaneously. The audience targeting within PPC campaigns can also make this type of search marketing very valuable to those looking to focus their spend in a specific location or type of user.

SEO, on the other hand, is often more cost-effective and is a long-term strategy. Website clicks that come from organic search listings are effecgtively free and if managed correctly, a website can appear for hundreds of relevant keywords through producing relevant and informative good quality content.

A well-rounded search engine marketing campaign usually consists of both PPC and SEO Leeds, however, for those with a limited budget, your needs and targets will help determine which avenue of search marketing is best suited to your circumstances and objectives.

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