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If you’re keen on improving how one or more aspects of your organisation work, we can help you achieve this by helping you develop a bespoke software system. This is a system that, unlike off-the-shelf packages, is designed to fit how your company operates and solve a specific issue. It is not a generic system offering general functionality.

Our database and CRM services include:

  • Database design
  • Database development
  • Data migration and cleaning
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Data analytics and reporting

We have designed several bespoke or customised systems for clients from different fields, helping them achieve specific goals. We will be happy to do the same for you. When we are working on a database with you we aim to help with both increasing staff productivity and ensuring the system will be flexible enough to grow as your company grows.

Increase staff productivity

As wage costs increase, finding ways of maximising the efficiency of employees has become ever more crucial to organisations in an increasingly competitive world. Bespoke software can help businesses increase the productivity of their staff.

This is achieved by automating routine tasks and doing away with duplication of roles. These systems also make information readily available to your staff on demand, enabling them to work more efficiently while focusing on their core functions.

Flexibility and growth

All organisation's need to change at some point in order to remain vibrant and successful. They have to change the way they work and the way they operate in order to respond to a changing environment.

Besides developing bespoke systems that address present needs, we design systems in Wakefield and throughout the UK which can be readily adapted to future needs and challenges.

With a system that will easily adapt to growth and change, you can focus your energy on growing your business, knowing that the system will be able to handle changing demands and requirements.

For more information or to discuss your next project please get in touch today on +44 (0) 113 350 1290.

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