SMART on FHIR App Development

SMART on FHIR app development by 6B. We are specialist SMART on FHIR application developers working with clients in the UK and overseas. 6B can develop your healthcare application and prepare it for SMART on FHIR authentication and integration to transform your virtual health distribution.

6B have an experienced SMART on FHIR application development team and we have built SMART on FHIR applications for clients integrating with UK and USA Electronic Health Record providers including Epic App Orchard, Cerner App Gallery, and the AllScripts Application store.

6B is a featured vendor for SMART Health IT and we have contributed to open source FHIR development projects including the extensive Firely FHIR .NET API.

SMART on FHIR Developers

As experienced SMART on FHIR developers, 6B have interfaced with many leading EHR providers including:

We have worked with healthcare businesses of all sizes developing SMART on FHIR applications, from small health-tech startups to Public Health England and various NHS departments.

SMART on FHIR app development process

Our SMART on FHIR app development process includes SMART on FHIR analysis (business requirements analysis and application analysis), SMART on FHIR requirements elicitation, SMART on FHIR specifications development, and SMART on FHIR testing.

SMART on FHIR App Development

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Your partner for easy access to patient data.

We are an experienced SMART on FHIR application development team, we specialise in designing and developing healthcare applications that transform virtual health distribution for organisations using HL7 FHIR.

6B have experience delivering complex projects interfacing with many HL7 FHIR hosts to support information sharing through a variety of means. We are an experienced team of health-tech researchers, UI designers, and developers specialising in delivering modern and innovative health-tech projects using SMART on FHIR.

Interface with leading EHR providers

6B has developed many SMART on FHIR applications to interface with leading EHR providers including Epic, Cerner and AllScripts. We utilise the SMART App Launch Framework to connect your application to Electronic Health Record data easily.

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We developed apps that launch from inside or outside the user interface of EHR systems and we have developed SMART on FHIR apps for clinicians, patients, and others via PHR, Patient Portal and other FHIR systems. 6B develops reliable, secure SMART on FHIR protocols for a variety of app architectures, including native mobile apps, web apps and bespoke software as well as setting up and deploying to secure SMART on FHIR cloud hosting on Azure.

Why choose 6B for SMART on FHIR app development?

  • We have extensive experience developing SMART on FHIR applications and interfacing with HL7 FHIR resources
  • We have successfully delivered multiple projects for organisations of all sizes from innovative healthcare startups to public healthcare bodies in the UK including various NHS organisations and Public Health England
  • We are ISO 27001 accredited, cyber essentials certified, we are experienced in processing patient data, CFR Part 11 compliance and HIPPA compliance
  • Our teams are experts at creating innovative SMART on FHIR applications utilising HL7 FHIR API in Cerner, Epic and Allscripts as well as Apple Health Records API and Microsoft Azure SMART API

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SMART on FHIR App Development Leeds

Measurable results

We have worked with big brands and ambitious businesses in eCommerce, healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical, property, automotive, legal, media and tv, sport, insurance and more benefit from our digital marketing strategies.

Data-driven approach

We ensure we gain a deep understanding in to your customer journey, market conditions and customer insight in order to build a lean and agile marketing strategy utilising the best channels to meet your goals.

Continuous testing

We are focused on delivering quality and quantity web traffic and so we are experts in making your investment go as far as it can – our SMART on FHIR App Development Leeds teams believe in continuous testing and refinement for maximum results.

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